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Q: Are Suppressors legal?

A: That depends on your state. All US locations require a Federal Tax Stamp. Some states are very suppressor friendly, some require a trust, some ban them entirely. Check our Authorized Dealers page for a handy guide.

Q: Can I hunt with a suppressor?

Most states that permit silencer ownership allow hunting with a silencer, but not all. Check our Authorized Dealers page for a handy guide.

Q: What advantage is there to hunting with a suppressor?

A: Listening closely can be critical to locating your prey or hearing animals that may decide you are prey. A suppressor on your gun allows you to shoot without suffering hearing loss or pausing to put on hearing protection.

Q: I saw a silencer being used in a movie. Will my gun sound like that?

A: The mouse fart sound typically portrayed in a movie is actually from compressed air. Real suppressors on real guns do not sound like that.

Q: What sound does a suppressor make?

A: Noise from guns comes from 4 sources:
1: The Gun's Mechanism: As the gun's parts move after squeezing the trigger, they generate noise. Bolt action weapons typically create the least, automatics typically create the most. Silencers have no effect on this noise.
2: Revolver Leak: There is a small gap between the front of the cylinder of a revolver and the rear of the barrel. This gap leaks some of the blast wave from the burning of the gunpowder. Suppressors can do nothing about this sound and are not recommended for revolvers due to their limited effectiveness.
3: Gun Blast: This is the blast from the shock wave of high pressure gasses exiting your gun after the bullet. This is the noise a suppressor absorbs. A small portion of this blast typically remains even with a suppressor.
4: Supersonic Crack: Supersonic bullets generate a small sonic shock wave when they travel faster than the speed of sound. This typically sounds like a "CRACK" and is generated after the bullet has left the gun and is thus not affected by a suppressor.

Q: What exactly is a suppressor?

A: A suppressor is just a muffler that fits on a gun.

Q: Do suppressors have a use in home defense?

A: A suppressor on a home defense gun will allow you to fire your gun indoors without suffering hearing loss or bleeding from the ears.

Go to the BATF's website and read their FAQs.

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